Age: 5 years to 10 years

Brick Type: LEGO Classic Bricks



Why this course?


Join us for this storytelling and LEGO building workshop and get an online module. Children will experience a holistic way of learning through play and LEGO bricks will be their tool to do so.
Participants will -
• Be a part of the LIVE Zoom session and interact with Sunday Bricks founder Mr. Mrunal Shah
• Learn to build 2D and 3D structures with bricks and blocks
• Get an online module with all step-by-step instructions (lifetime access)
• Enjoy playful activities and challenges
• Develop creativity and idea generation

Course Curriculum

Material needed
Types of Bricks
LIVE workshop - link
Art Corner
Elmer - Role-play Masks (8 pages)
Elmer - Coloring Sheets (1 pages)
Elmer the Elephant
Have a look!
Build here - Elmer (19 pages)
Elmer's House
Have a look!
House of Elmer (14 pages)

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