Age: 6 years and above

Brick Type: LEGO Classic Bricks/Blocks



Why this course?


Hello and welcome to this module that you probably thought of building many times but couldn't give it a more defined look. In this course, you will learn to build LEGO Sofa, Rug, Chairs, and Tables! You will do wonders when you to expand your visualization and designing ideas, and that's what we are here for. You can put up your own little living room using bricks & blocks and it's going to be so great.

Suitable for children above 6 years of age.

Course Curriculum

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Sofa Seating
Build here : Sofa (10 pages)
Build here : Rug (12 pages)
Comfy Chairs
Blue Chair
Build here : Blue Chair (12 pages)
Red Chair
Build here : Red Chair (12 pages)
Trendy Tables
Center Table
Build here : Center Table (11 pages)
Side Table
Build here : Side Table (6 pages)
Corner Table
Build here : Corner Table (6 pages)

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