Medieval Catapult

Age: 6 years to 12 years

Brick Type: LEGO Classic bricks/blocks



Why this course?


Have you heard about the medieval period in History? There were some great innovations that mankind has seen and one of them is CATAPULT. Remember the slingshot from the Angry Birds game? Yes, that is one of the types of a catapult.

Medieval Catapult course will ignite your interest in basic engineering, physics and history of the medieval times... so without further ado, get ready to learn something interesting while playing!

It is best suitable for children 6 years to 12 years of age, who are fond of structure toys.

Here is your chance to take away some creativity and make the most of it!

Course Curriculum

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Catapult (Step 1 + Step 2)
Step 1 - Base
Step 1 - Build here : Base (11 pages)
Step 1 - Video Base
Step 2 - Launcher
Step 2 - Build here : Launcher (7 pages)
Step 2 - Video Launcher
Video - How to fix Base & Launcher
Step 3 - Catapult with Rubber Band
Step 3 - Build here : Catapult with Rubber Band (7 pages)
Are you ready to launch?
Video - This is how it works!
Angry Birds
Angry Birds #1
Build here : Bird #1 (13 pages)
Angry Birds #2
Build here : Bird #2 (13 pages)

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