Desert Safari

Language: English

Instructors: Sunday Bricks Originals



Why this course?


Have you ever been on a Desert Safari? Desert Safari is all about enjoying a myriad of exciting desert activities, such as a camel ride, visiting beautiful pyramids, watching art performances, and rush sand-boarding down on the desert dunes. You can now pour in all the excitement using your bricks/blocks without really going out.

In this course, participants will learn to build LEGO camels, snakes, pyramids, palm trees, and scorpions with some simple LEGO tricks! They will be encouraged to visualize and design their own Desert Safari using bricks/blocks and a little craft.

Just like all our courses, 'Desert Safari' course is based on the concepts of 'Create & Play'  and 'Learning through Play'. It comes with child-friendly instructions and a printable background for the set-up.

It is best suitable for children 5.5 years to 10 years of age, who are fond of structure toys.

Here is your chance to take away some creativity and make the most of it!

Course Curriculum

Hello there, little explorer!
Good to see you!
Desert Safari
Build Camels
Let's begin
Standing Camel
Build here: Standing Camel (15 pages)
Good luck
Seated Camel
Build here: Seated Camel (18 pages)
Build Palm Trees
Try this
Palm Tree
Build here: Palm Tree (17 pages)
Build Pyramids
Ready for this one?
Build here: Pyramid (24 pages)
Build Scorpions
Tough one here
Build here: Scorpion (17 pages)
Build Snakes
Last but not least
Build here: Snake (10 pages)
Art Corner - Download
Pyramids (1 pages)
Camel (1 pages)
Cactus (1 pages)

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