Under The Ocean

Build your own aquarium at home!

Age: 6 years to 9 years

Brick Type: LEGO Classic or Bricks/Blocks



Why this course?


Oceans and aquatic life is such an interesting topic, isn't it? And the thought of building it with bricks is even more fascinating. But understanding the anatomy of aquatic animals is not easy for children. In this course, participants will learn to build LEGO fish, seahorses, octopus, seaweeds, and crab with some simple LEGO tricks! They will be encouraged to visualise and design their own aquarium using bricks/blocks and a little craft.

'Under the Ocean' course is based on the concept of 'create & play' just like all our other courses. It comes with child-friendly instructions and a printable background for the set-up.

It is best suitable for children 6 years to 9 years of age, who are fond of structure toys.

Here is your chance to take away some creativity and make the most of it!

Course Curriculum

Good to see you :)
Hello, little innovator!
Build Seaweeds
Have fun ;)
Build here - Seaweeds
Build a Crab
Try this now!
Build here - Crab
Build a Fish
Hello there!
Build here - Fish
Build Seahorses
Ready for this?
Build here - Seahorses
Build an Octopus
Last but not least
Build here - Octopus
Aquarium Set-up
Printable Background

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